Alpine French School runs a variety of French Intensive Courses during the winter ski season in Morzine.  Throughout January, February and March, we offer a variety of courses with something to suit everyone in terms of timetabling and budget!  If you book before 31st October 2017 for a course taking place January – March 2018, we will offer you 30€ off your French Course 🙂

Alpine French School has French Intensive Courses running throughout the winter season at the following times:

9h – 11h Monday to Friday
16h – 18h Monday to Friday



We have chosen these times so if you are a skier, you can choose from the morning or the late-afternoon course and still get plenty of time on the slopes.


Non skiers

If you are a non-skier, you can take the morning class while your friends and family have headed up on the ski slopes.  If you wanted to study more during the day, you could have a break and then also add a private lesson into the day to make your course into a Super Intensive Course.  The group French Intensive Course allows you to practise your speaking and listening skills in a group environment.  Combined with a private French lesson where you can work on your specific objectives or weaknesses, this makes a perfect combination!


Locals or seasonnaires

Depending on your work or family commitments, this variety of lesson times means that there should be a course to fit most people!


Intensive Course Options

You can choose to take part in one course or both.  If you take one French Intensive course, then you will study 10 hours per week.  If you take both courses, then this would be a Super Intensive French Course of 20 hours for week.  The choice is yours depending on how much you would like to study…..

10 hours per week:  190€ per week
20 hours per week:  350€ per week

You can also add private French lessons to work on specific goals or weaknesses!


All of our courses focus on speaking and listening skills and are a great way to quickly improve your French in a short space of time.  Our courses are all taught by our qualified, native speaker, dynamic teachers who really care about their students’ progress.  Read more about our teaching team here and our testimonials here