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My lessons with Alpine French School have really helped me to eliminate some of my entrenched errors despite speaking French for over 20 years and living in France for more than 10 years. The lessons are creative, engaging, interesting and effective. I’ve not only learned to refine grammar and increase the depth my vocabulary; I’ve learned about French politics and the more enigmatic aspects of French culture. Best of all, the lessons make me want to keep on learning. Thank you Alpine French School

- Mary Kirkbride

I have had a lovely time at AFS.  Who knew that doing a 10 week French course could be so enjoyable?  The whole AFS team are so accommodating and will always do what is in their power to make your stay more enjoyable.  Being able to ski in the mornings and have lessons in the afternoons is a great system and I have enjoyed every bit of my 10 weeks here, and I feel like my French has improved!

- Luke Williams, England

The school was extremely professional in its approach to providing excellent teaching.  My expectations of the course were met and French language was used at all times so we were totally immersed.  The teaching materials were excellent, don’t change anything!

- John Grauer, Australia

” The balance is great, I left Morzine wishing to stay, or come back soon.  The school exceeded my expectations.  The first day I went to class apprehensive and I went home really happy.  My teacher was one of the best “things” of Morzine, she was so patient, comprehensive, worried and occupied in our French progress every day; she was all the time ready to receive our questions and suggestions.  Debs, Helen & Christelle made me feel safe, that whatever happened I could talk to you.  My ski lessons were amazing, I learned more than I expected and the instructors greatly increased my confidence.  I learn many things and the school was perfect”

- Josefina Uria, Brazil

I really liked my course in the Alpine French School.  I came here to get better at speaking French and I think the school helped me out a lot.  In my 2 weeks here, I learned a lot of grammar and vocabulary and I am now much more confident in speaking French.  I really liked the climate in the classroom, because the classes aren’t too big and everyone is encouraging you to speak French.  The course met my expectations as we did a lot of speaking exercises and it made me feel more confident

- Yannick Schleup, Switzerland

My husband and I have just completed a week’s intensive course at the Alpine French school in Morzine and we can both see an improvement in each other’s French. To anybody who is undecided as to whether or not they should try it, I would definitely say yes. Go for it!

As an ex teacher I know that the best thing that we can do for our pupils is to give them confidence and enthusiasm and the teachers at the AFS certainly do that for you no matter what your level of French is or how old you are. It was great to listen to a native French speaker who spoke clearly and slowly (enough). Each day I heard lots of new vocabulary which was frequently repeated so that by the end of the week I felt as if I had learnt a vast amount. There was a good balance of activities to suit different learning styles and plenty of opportunities to practice speaking.

Not long after the last lesson I happened to be in a small shop in the village and began a conversation with the shopkeeper who was amazed and delighted. He exclaimed, “ah vous parlez francais. C’est magique!” What better testimonial could you get than that!


- Kerrie Evea

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