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Using a French Training Budget to Finance your French Lessons

  I own a French business or I’m an auto-entrepreneur, what funding can I get? You are entitled a budget allowance which renews itself every year. The amount depends on your type of business so just contact us so we can find the information for you. We prepare the paperwork to apply for your budget…

French Courses for Non-Skiers visiting Morzine

  More and more non-skiers find themselves on so-called ‘ski holidays’. The idea of spending some time in the mountains is appealing to many people, even those who don’t ski for a whole variety of reasons. Some of the things that attract non-skiers to the Alps include clean crisp Alpine air, stunning panoramic views, pretty…

French Summer Camp in France 2018

First of all, we’d like to take this opportunity to take anyone reading this article, past and possibly future campers and very Happy New Year! It is only 1st January 2018 but preparations and booking for Alpine French School’s French Summer Camp in France 2018 are in full swing….   Our offices are open all…

8-12 January 2018 French Intensive Courses: New Timetable & Last Places left!

  So the New Year has begun and like many of us, you have probably made some New Year’s Resolutions! If one of these is to learn French or improve your French, then Alpine French School in Morzine in the French Alps has various solutions for you.  We are running several French Courses during the…

Les pronoms réfléchis = pronominals (reflexives)

When the subject does something to itself (when the subject and the object of the verb are the same) you have reflexivity. The reflexive pronouns are used to denote this. Singular Plural 1st person me nous 2nd person te vous 3rd person se se NB : me, te, and se become m’ , t’ and s’ before vowels and mute h Exemple : Je me…

Weekly French Courses Winter 2017-8 in Morzine

We are pleased to inform you of our Winter times for our weekly groups! 10 weeks – 1h30 per week   From the 8th of January to the 15th of March 2018   Here are the different times according to levels. Please let me know which level would suit you best and don’t hesitate to inform us if…

The impersonal verbs like “Il neige”

Impersonal verbs are very useful for your daily conversation ! The pronoun “il” is used when describing the weather and for time related expressions. “Il” here represents the state of things – the world or universe at that moment. Example : Il pleut Il neige. It’s raining It’s snowing. Il fait chaud. It is hot. Il fait froid….

Top 10 things for non-skiers to do in Morzine

  So you are coming to Morzine on a ski holiday but you don’t ski? What are you going to do while your friends and family are up on the ski slopes? Luckily there is a wide range of activities in Morzine that you can enjoy during the day instead of skiing.   Sledging Perfect…

French Intensive Courses: New timetable for Winter 2017-8:

  French Intensive Course: Monday to Friday 9h-11h, 10 hours per week, 190€ per week   Super Intensive Course: Monday to Friday 9h-11h and 16h-18h, 20 hours per week, 350€ per week   Alpine French School is pleased to announce a new timetable for French Intensive Courses for this winter. We hope that our new…

Learn French + Ski Course, Learn French + Snowboard Course: how do they work?

  So you are interested in taking a Learn French + Ski or a Learn French + Snowboard package with Alpine French School this winter, but you aren’t sure how these work. Then read on…..   Getting here If you come to Morzine to study French and ski or snowboard this winter, then the first…


SEASONNAIRE CRASH COURSE This French Course is especially designed for seasonnaires coming to spend the winter season in Morzine.  If you’re a seasonnaire and worry about your French this season, then this course will give you the basics that you need to get by.  If you enjoy the course, we run other courses throughout the winter…

Winter is here!

  It is only mid-November and winter has arrived with a bang (or a big snow storm!) in the French Alps. The temperature dropped and the snow started falling at the weekend, coating the town and the mountains in a blanket of white fluffy powder. Today the sun came out revealing a stunning deep blue…

“e”, “é” or “è” ?

In French, there are 3 different accents on « e ». It is important to know them as it changes the pronunciation of the word. The 3 accents: “é”: acute accent like : été (summer) “è”: grave accent like accès (access) “ê”: circumflex accent like tête (head), less used So how to know which accent is the right…

Different camp options: residential, family, day or morning

  Our Summer Camp in France offers several possible options to people interested in coming to study French with us!   Residential Summer Camp in France Students aged 12-17 years can travel independently to our Summer Camp in France. We offer a Residential Summer Camp which is an all-inclusive package with some choices of activities…

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