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Friendly French Scheme

French Conversation - Real Life French Situations


Top news for top students!

‘FRIENDLY FRENCH’, a great way to practise your French conversation in real life French situations in Morzine with Alpine French School!

Alpine French School has come up with an innovative idea to bring what you learn in class into the real life French world. We have created a partnership with local businesses in Morzine which guarantees success for learners. And it’s very simple and ‘friendly’!

The idea is to give you the opportunity to have French conversation with local businesses with the guarantee that French locals will not answer back in English and will be patient with your efforts to speak French. This project is supported by the Mairie of Morzine and the Office de Tourisme.

How does it work?

Your part:

You will be given a card (the size of a business card) which you will show the person in the shop/business or at least have it with you if needed. The card says in French: ‘I would like to speak French with you! Would you mind repeating slowly if I don’t understand? Thank you!!!’. Please claim your card when you come to your class! It’s a free service!

The local French businesses:

  • The selected businesses will be listed on our website.
  • This online list will be regularly updated with new businesses coming onboard all the time.
  • You will have the name of the business and a brief description of what they do.
  • We will make sure that businesses apply the charter agreed with Alpine French School (mainly through student feedback).
  • You will be able to identify the businesses taking part into the scheme with the ‘;’Alpine French School / Friendly French’ sticker in their window.
  • We have been in person to meet the people running the businesses to establish this charter and they are all very keen and willing to help our students! They are all very happy to hear that some English people do want to speak French! And are more than happy to help them do so!
  • There is not really any need to say that this exchange is based on a business agreement and although you will not be under any obligation to buy something, you cannot just turn up just for a chit-chat in French! Or expect a discount if you do buy something… The last thing worth mentioning, is if they happen to be (very) busy in the shop when you come along then we would recommend you go back again later when they will have more time to spend with you, or accept that they will be pushed for time!

We really hope that you will benefit from this new project!

Friendly French Businesses:


Gusto e Basta, Place de la Mairie
La Dez-Alp, Rue du Bourg
Le Tyrolien, Route de la Plagne
La Chaudanne, Route de la Plagne
Bar Robinson, Rue du Bourg
La Chamade, Rte de la Plagne/Place de l’Office de Tourisme
Le Coup de Coeur, Rte de la Plagne/Place de l’Office de Tourisme
La Grange, Chemin de la Coutettaz
La Fruitière, Route de la Plagne
L’Etale, Zone Piétonne
La Rotonde, Route de la Combe à Zorre


Chez Céline, Rue du Bourg
Les Epis du Roc, Rue du Bourg
La Bonbonnière, Route de la Plagne
La Petite Pause, Route de la Plagne en face de la Bonbonnière et à côté de Spar

La Pomponette, Rue du Bourg


Tabac La Capitale, Place de l’Office de Tourisme
Tabac, Rue du Bourg


Pharmacie Du Bourg, Place de la Mairie

Grande Pharmacie de Morzine, Rte de la Plagne


Morzine Immobilier, Route de la Plagne
Hôtel Le Petit Dru, Route des Putheys


SAT Autocars, Rue du Bourg


Laurent Coiffure, Route du Plan, près de la Mairie
France Coiffure, Rue du Bourg


Baud Chausseur, Centre Morzine
Le Pélio, En face Baud Chausseur
Le Refuge de Marie-Louise, Zone piétonne
Bijouterie Regor, Rue du Bourg
Mechoud, Rue du Bourg
Josy, Rue du Bourg
Chocolaterie, Rue du Bourg
Passaquin, Centre, près de Crédit Agricole
La Bourgade, Rue du Bourg
La Courterie Corner, Chemin de la Coutettaz près Baud Chausseur
Odlo, Centre Morzine
Tralala, Route du Téléphérique
Spar, Route de la Plagne
La Fruitière fromagerie, Route de la Plagne
Jardiflore/Delbard, Route de la Plagne
La Cage Fleurie, Route de la Plagne


Garage Renault Marullaz, Route Combe à Zorre

alt=French Conversation with Local Shop

alt=Real Life French with Local Tabac

alt=Real Life French with Local Travel Agent

alt=French Conversation with Local Chocolatier

alt=Real Life French with Local Paper Shop

alt=French Conversation with Local Shop Keeper

alt=Real Life French with Local Spar Shop

alt=French Conversation with Local People

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All courses available either in person or via Skype or Telephone.  Please contact us for more information

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