If you are reading this blog, you are probably thinking about booking a French Summer Camp.  Maybe this is the first time your children (or yourself if you are the student reading this!) will go to a Summer Camp in France or maybe you have been to some different camps already.  There are many Summer Camps in France so how to choose…..


Firstly it is probably worth saying a few words about the benefits of Summer Camps in general if you are undecided about whether a Summer Camp is a good choice for your children….. Summer Camps are popular in some cultures and it is very much the norm for children to attend at least one Summer Camp each year.  However in other cultures, the idea is fairly new so parents aren’t always sure of exactly what a Summer Camp entails and what the benefits are.  Summer Camps provide children with the opportunity to do broaden their horizons, meet children from other cultures and other backgrounds, to be themselves with no preconceived ideas from their peers and to learn to live in a community and behave as part of a team.


Summer Camps in France usually also offer some exposure to the French language, either in the form of structured lessons or activities using the French language so the obvious benefit is that students will improve their French.  However not all Summer Camps in France are exactly the same.  This is partly based on the location and the activities that are on offer which often depend on the area of France the camp is based in.  For example, French Summer Camps in Paris will offer more cultural activities as part of the package.  French Summer Camps on the South Coast will include beach activities.  French Summer Camps in the Alps, for example with Alpine French School, include mountain adventure activities.  The way this works at our Summer Camp is that students do French lessons in the mornings from 9h-12h30, then after lunch, they take part in an activity programme (where all the activities are run in French) which includes mountain adventure activities such as hiking, summer sledging, watersports at a stunning mountain lake and much more.  Students also have the opportunity to add additional activities such as horse-riding, private French tuition or adventure activities (white-water rafting, climbing, canyoning, adventure park/tree-topping, mountain biking….).  At weekends students take part in excursions and more adventure activities!  So if you or your children are sporty, adventurous and love the outdoors, then the Alps is a good fit for you 🙂