Alpine French School’s French Summer Camp was designed with the aim of young people improving their French Language Skills while having fun and enjoying some great activities in the beautiful French Alps! So the integration of the French language into our Summer Camp is obviously very important….





We have a mix of students from all over the world attending our Summer Camp bringing a mix of languages and cultures. All of them come to improve their French skills and we try and encourage them to speak as much French as possible and as little of their native language!


Morning French Lessons


In the mornings, students take French lessons for 3 hours. Our French classes are run by qualified, experienced, native-speaker teachers who bring the language to life both inside and outside of the classroom. Students are divided into groups according to their age and level of French. Our teachers are specialists in the age group they teach with experienced GCSE teachers taking our GCSE exam preparation courses.



Throughout the day


From the moment our students awake, they are encouraged to speak French by our French Leaders. Mealtimes are a great opportunity for students to learn new vocabulary and to practise their French conversation skills! Our Camp Leaders are fully trained in how to encourage the use of French for students of all levels and they will teach you vocabulary and phrases that are useful at mealtimes and at other moments of the day.




Afternoon activities


Our afternoon activities are organised either by our French Activity Leaders or by French Activity Suppliers. The activities are conducted in French. For safety reasons, security briefings are carried out in several languages to ensure that all students fully understand. Apart from safety instructions, activities will be carried out in French


Our staff


Our Camp Staff are fully trained in how to encourage our students to speak as much French as possible at any time of the day. They are all native French speakers and learn to slow down when they speak and to reformulate and simplify their phrases so that students of all levels can understand!