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Pastoral Care

The Staff

We have a Camp Director and a team of Camp Leaders who live on-site at our French Immersion Summer Camp to ensure the happiness, safety and well-being of all students. They take on the supervisory role that would usually be carried out by parents. They ensure that all juniors are clean, well-fed, healthy and happy. They are there to ensure the smooth running and organisation of all aspects of the camp and they keep a close on eye on all juniors so that any problems such as homesickness or little disputes between juniors are dealt with quickly to avoid any unhappiness on the French Summer Camp. All staff on French Immersion Summer Camp have to follow several training courses to become Camp Leaders and our Camp Director is highly qualified and experienced in dealing with huge varieties of Junior groups in many different situations.

The Organisation of a French Summer Camp

As a company organising a French Summer Camp, Alpine French School has to have the necessary checks in place to ensure that we meet the criteria for running junior courses. We ensure that all parts of our programme are fully checked and we are happy to answer any questions that parents have. We have many documents that parents of children attending our French Immersion Summer Camp are asked to either read or complete or both. We take full medical and dietary records for all students in addition to their insurance details just in case.

The Activities

All of the activities we offer at the centre are designed with the safety and entertainment of the juniors as a prime concern. Juniors love our activities and often don’t realise the amount of planning involved in preparing them and ensuring that all possible safety risks are avoided. All off-site activities are offered by providers who also have full safety checks by the French authorities to run junior activities. We have to respect their safety rules and full safety demonstrations are given where appropriate at the start of each activity. Even when we take our juniors to the local outdoor aquatic centre, we have to reserve a group slot in advance as they only allow a limited number of groups for enjoyment and safety reasons and respect their safety rules eg the ratio of leaders to juniors and wearing a coloured swim cap to identify the group. At the lake beaches we go to for activities, lifeguards are on duty and swimming areas are usually in a smaller side lake or roped off.

Medical Emergencies

Regardless of how many rules and regulations are put in place, children still fall ill and accidents do happen. Our Camp Director and team of Camp leaders who live on site and provide 24-hour supervision are all fully first-aid trained. Our French Immersion Summer Camp is also located 100 metres from the medical centre in Morzine, so any illnesses or accidents can be quickly treated by their team of health professionals.

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All courses available either in person or via Skype or Telephone.  Please contact us for more information

Vous recherchez des Cours d'Anglais? Cliquez-ici.