• Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 12:00
  • Number of hours: 15 hours
  • Price: €275*



Choose the intensive course that corresponds to your selected level or available dates. (see level description below)


6th – 10th November : Lower intermediate 


  • Compare things/people
  • Speak in the past tense, say what you’ve done and what you did.
  • Learn to speak in the past tense with “imparfait” to help you tell a story
  • Chose with teacher any relevent topic to work on during the week : leisure, daily life, food, health…
  • Learn to give your opinion
  • Daily chit-chat / Phone call vocabulary



13th – 17th November : Elementary Plus


  • Expand vocab with the so used reflexive verbs present and past tense
  • Choose with teacher any relevent topic to work on during the week : leisure, daily life or food…
  • Consolidate your sentence structure
  • Daily chit-chat / shop conversation
  • Make a phone call



20th – 24th  November : Intermediate


  • Those little words called pronouns ! me-you-him-her-us-them
  • Chose with teacher any relevant topic to work on during the week : daily life, people, world of work, medias, culture…
  • Structure your speech and expand vocab to express opinions with the so called ‘little words’ and expressions
  • Expand vocab and listening comprehension
  • Daily chit-chat





  • Special seasonnaire format of 2h per day x 5 days booked around the pre-season preparation work.
  • Monday to Friday: 18:00 – 20:00
  • Special price of €199* per week per student.


If you’re a seasonnaire and worry about your French this season, or if you would like your employees to get by in French and be able to cope with French suppliers during this season, we have put in place a Special Pre-season Course, aimed at giving them the good basics and the confidence to handle simple everyday situations.


27th November – 1st  December


  • Aimed at speaking to suppliers and clients in French
  • Learn to deal with day to day situations in French
  • Get by during your season in France
  • Learn the basics you need without having to deal with complicated French grammar



Don’t hesitate to email us on to book your place or if you have any questions!



*Plus 25€ enrollment fee valid for one year