We like asking feedback from our students and taking on board their comments to improve our school and the French Courses that Alpine French School offers.


We have been working on our Winter French Intensive Courses recently and how to improve the timetabling of these for everyone who could be interested! We have a mix of different types of students in the winter and we wanted to try and find class-times that would appeal to all of our students:


  • International Students coming to Learn French and Ski or Learn French and Snowboard
  • Non-skiers wanting to improve their French while the rest of their family or friends ski
  • Locals wanting to take a French Intensive Course
  • Parents wanting to improve their French while their children are at school locally or at ski school


So we came up with a new idea of modular French Intensive Courses so that you can choose the Intensive Course that suits you and how intensive you would like it to be!


We will have French Intensive Courses running throughout the winter season at the following times:


9h – 11h Monday to Friday

16h – 18h Monday to Friday


You can choose to take part in one course or both. If you take one French Intensive course, then you will study 10 hours per week. If you take both courses, then this would be a Super Intensive French Course of 20 hours for week. The choice is yours depending on how much you would like to study…..


10 hours per week: 190€ per week

20 hours per week: 350€ per week


For those of you looking for accommodation with your French course, we are also offering new discounted prices on accommodation. We offer the following accommodation options:


  • Apartments shared with other students
  • Independent apartments
  • Host Family accommodation
  • Hotel accommodation


For those of you interested in booking a Learn French and Ski or Learn French and Snowboard Package, please contact us for a quote including


French Intensive Course of 10 hours or 20 hours


Accommodation from our choice of options


Ski-pass for the duration of your stay with us


Help with other ski-related extras such as ski lessons, ski hire, airport transfers…..


Contact us on info@alpinefrenchschool.com for more information or call us on +33 450 79 08 38.