I have just had the pleasure of meeting Georgie a 10 year old student at Alpine French School.

Today, (Friday 2nd Nov) is the last day of his course at the Alpine French School. He has been on a French Intensive week’s course with one of our teachers Céline. Georgie has attended a private one and a half hour class everyday (Monday to Friday) where he has practiced his spoken French, listening skills, pronunciation and his grammar.

This is the Georgie’s third time at Alpine French School and his second week with Céline as his one on one tutor.

I often overheard some of Georgie’s lessons as I walked past his classroom and assumed he was originally from the UK, but now lived in Morzine. You know what they say about assuming?! His accent is perfect!

After speaking with Georgie and his Dad they told me that they owned a place in a village, just outside Morzine. They usually manage to get out and visit for 2 weeks in Summer holidays and at half terms, but most of the winter visits are for skiing! Last Winter Georgie was lucky enough to do a season here. He went to the French school in Essert Romand, the village where their property is for 4 months. What an experience at such a young age.

Céline’s comments: “Georgie’s progression has been excellent. He is now at the level of a year 8 or 9 pupil or A1:3/A2:1”

Céline also suggested Skype lessons with Alpine French School  to continue with his development.

Skype Lessons

  • Choose the length of your lessons 30 or 45 minutes.
  • Choose the number of lessons in your course from a minimum of 6 lessons
  • Choose to have access to our online multi-media centre
  • Ideal for people who travel for work or 2nd homeowners who wish to continue improving their French while not in the Alps
  • Choose from regular French lessons, consolidation of online learning, pure French conversation or a combination of the three!