Our French Summer Camp 2017 is still going strong for another 10 days but we already have had some lovely messages from parents whose children have returned from our Summer Camp having had a great time! One of the most common comments from parents this summer was that their children were too busy having a great time to remember to contact them – we take this as a compliment!  Here are a few snippets of parents’ other feedback….


“Just a quick e mail to say how much the kids enjoyed your school .I think they are both keen too come back next year ,and Tiger seems now bent to do A level french! Seems like they made some good friends and were kept wonderfully busy. Thanks”

David Kelleway


“Thanks again for providing such great care for our little boy. It is very reassuring to know he is so well looked after. Luca has thoroughly enjoyed his stay and is already talking about coming back next year! We’ve also been speaking more French together, which is great.”

Fabienne Grimaldi


“Could you pass on our thanks to the caterer for the lovely birthday cake for Milo. He tells me it was delicious chocolate and cream and he was touched that they had written happy birthday on it. I gather he had a really great birthday and that some of the others also gave him gifts which is so kind and thoughtful. Thank you too for making it all possible.  Absolutely no word from Milo, he must be having a great time.”

Jacqueline Balian


“Christina had wonderful time there and we really appreciate for the lovely arrangement”

Amber Rang


“Adam and I wanted to thank you for everything that you and the team have done to enthuse Beth over the last two weeks. She was eager to tell us all about her adventures and her new friends and hopefully she may have learnt some French along the way as well. She thought that Celine was amazing and she would love to catch up with her when we are over in February.”