So July is here and with that the start of Alpine French School’s French Summer Camps in France! Our first students arrived on Sunday 8th July to the beautiful French Alps.  Some arrived by plane, some came with their parents.  Once settled in, they enjoyed dinner together and a welcome party with our activity leaders.

Monday morning, more students arrived to start our Day Camp programme.  After a welcome speech under the sunny Alpine skies from our Camp Directors, students started their French lessons with our qualified experienced teachers.  We divide students according to age and level and they love their French language lessons in the French Summer Camp because of our fun, creative and dynamic team of teachers.  These teachers subtly evaluate the students’ levels during the first half of the morning to ensure that they have been placed in the correct group.  At the morning break, our Director of Studies changes any students who need placing in a different group.  Every morning our students have 3 hours of lessons so they really improve their language skills at the Alpine French School French Summer Camp

Our students then had a fun afternoon at the swimming pool with beach volleyball and water games.  Tuesday’s activities were horse-riding or Zumba and Yoga for those on the Discovery programme or Canyoning for those on the adventure programme.  Wednesday’s activities were horse-riding, hiking or climbing.  All of the activities have been a big hit with the students!

Our great team of teachers and activity leaders have worked hard to prepare the French Summer Camp and to make their lessons and activities as enjoyable and rewarding as possible and the feedback from the first few days of the camp is very positive!  Here’s to the rest of the Alpine French School Summer Camp being a great success for everyone involved.