After months of planning and our booking office liaising with students’ parents, our French Summer Camp has just finished its first week in 2017 and it has been a great success! Our team of great French Summer Camp leaders, teachers and our Summer Camp Director have worked very hard to ensure that all of our students have had a great time! It is great to have started another year on our Summer Camp


Chris, our French Summer Camp Director brings a wealth of experience to our Summer Camp and oversees every aspect of the day to day running of the Camp.   Despite being in charge of a team of 7 camp leaders and over 50 students, he always has time to speak to parents, campers and to ensure the well-being of his team. Chris continues the work of Helen who is responsible for the camp bookings to organise everything from the transfers, arrivals, departures, liasing with the caterers, managing the camp leaders, organising the activity programme and excursions.


Our French Summer Camp leaders are fully committed and motivated to ensure that our students have the best possible time during their stay with us. They have been working hard to ensure that the smallest details are noticed, that the students are happy, they spend time preparing great activities for the campers and spending time with them throughout the day.


Our team of teaching staff teach our students French and English. They spend 3 hours a day with our students improving their language skills through fun interactive and communicative activities. They spend time getting to know their students and ensuring that their lessons are tailor-made to their group for the week. They are all native speakers of the language they are teaching and they are qualified and experienced language teachers. They bring their experience, their know-how, their motivation and their good humour to our Summer Camp.