1. The location

Alpine French School’s French Summer Camp is based in the heart of the French Alps in Morzine. Morzine is a bustling mountain town that comes to life in the summer like in the winter because of all the great outdoors activities on offer! Have a look at our video to see for yourself what this sporting paradise is like


  1. The ease of access

Morzine is just an hour from Geneva airport. You can fly to Geneva airport from European destinations and you can get connecting flights via Paris or other European hubs if you are coming from further afield! The European rail network also has great links into Geneva if you wish to travel by train


  1. The French language lessons

The French courses are a popular feature of our French Summer Camp. Students are split into groups according to age and level. We have up to 8 groups running each week of the summer which enables us to target the level of each participant. We have exam classes running such as GCSE, IB and A-level preparation courses. For the younger students, the focus is on igniting their interest in the French language and encouraging them to learn words and phrases and put these into practice out and about in real situations.


  1. The inclusion of language throughout the day

The camp leaders at our French Summer Camp are fully trained in integrating the French language throughout the day. Students are encouraged to speak French at mealtimes, during activities and at all times and our Camp Leaders are great at making this fun and making the children and teenagers keen to speak French.



  1. The afternoon language & leisure activities

Our afternoon activity programme is a highlight of our Summer Camp for most of the participants. A great opportunity to enjoy the mountains, try some great activities, be with other children of the same age, and practice French! Our French Summer Camp Leaders design an action-packed fun-filled programme which changes from week to week for those staying several weeks.


  1. The camp leaders

Our French Summer Camp leaders are fully trained and qualified Camp Leaders. This is a profession in France that is highly regulated so our Summer Camp Leaders learn about all aspects of looking after children in group situations, the psychology that teaches them how to deal with any situations that may arise from learning disabilities, shyness, homesickness and similar!   They are all fully security checked and we have a designated first-aid officer to look after any minor bumps and bruises.


  1. The nationality mix

We have children and teenagers from all over the world attending our French Summer Camp. The common language is French and this mix is great for opening campers’ eyes and minds to different cultures and languages. Typically about 40% are anglophones and 60% come from all around the world!


  1. The director

Our highly experienced French Summer Camp Director, Christophe Wells, oversees the day to day running of the camp. With years of experience in running French Summer Camps and education, he keeps a watchful eye over all aspects of the camp to ensure its smooth running and the happiness of the campers.


  1. The Option Plus activities

Our ‘standard’ activity programme is great and action-packed but for those wanting to try some of the local activities, we offer Option Plus Activities: Adventure, Horse-riding and Private French Classes. These take place 3 afternoons per week and run alongside our other activities


  1. The exam preparation

Our French Summer Camp Lessons include exam preparation courses so if your children are preparing for an exam such as GCSE, iGCSE, IB or A-level, then they can join one of our specific preparation classes. We run GCSE and iGCSE preparation classes every week of our Summer Camp.