If you are visiting Morzine this summer, maybe with our French Summer Camp, or maybe just on a family holiday, you might be interested in knowing where you could go on a fun day out!


Morzine is a great place for a summer holiday and this is why we decided to run a French Summer Camp here! However, whether you are part of our Summer Camp or not, you might visit Morzine and want some suggestions:


  1. Swiss Vapeur Parc

Just across the border, 45 minutes’ drive from Morzine, there is a steam train park with miniature steam trains and model swiss trains that are copies of actual trains in Switzerland. They aren’t so miniature though that you can’t ride on them! The trains stop at various stations around the park and pick up and drop off passengers so you can enjoy mini trips around the park and wander around the gardens also. Perfect for under 10s, especially those who love railways!


  1. Aqua Parc

Just next to the Swiss Vapeur Parc is a big waterpark called Aquaparc. With a mixture of indoor and outdoor pools and waterslides, this is a great place for a family day out. There is a baby and toddler area, then slides for all ages including timed fast waterslides, vertical drops, slides you go down on rafts alone or in groups and even a spa area if you want to relax!


  1. Excenevex

Excenevex is a sandy beach on the banks of Lake Geneva. With a host of watersports on offer, children can have hours of fun playing in the sand, swimming and paddling in the lake, trying out various activities and there are several beach restaurants and cafés to grab a bite to eat, a drink or an ice-cream.


  1. Lac Montriond & Le Village des Lindarets (Village des Chèvres)

Lac Montriond is a beautiful turquoise lake with clear water for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and paddling! There is also a playground with a zipline, a small swimming paddling lake, paths around the lake for a walk or a bike ride and several lovely restaurants where you can get a snack or sample some local specialities


  1. Plage de la Beunaz

A watersports and activities lake in between Morzine and Thonon, la Plage de la Beunaz offers a day of fun with zip wires, trampolines, inflatables in the lake, diving boards, adventure park, pedalos. Never a dull moment!