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Tips and tools to help you learn French

So you are learning French?  It can be a long, slow process especially if you aren’t living in France.  It is important to keep your learning varied and fun so that you stick with it; learning a language takes time but is extremely rewarding and needn’t be monotonous.  We at Alpine French School like to help our students as much as possible outside of their lessons to complete their learning…



We have a resources library to help you learn French using a variety of interesting materials.  From authentic magazines and newspapers, to children’s books and specialist learning magazines and CDs, there is something suitable for everyone.


Word of the day

We publish a word of the day on our Facebook page and Twitter to help expand your French vocabulary.  From simple expressions to idioms and slangs, we mix it up so you keep learning.  Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive our updates!


E-learning packages

We offer a range of e-learning packages to help you learn French in a way that works for you.  With the demands of modern life, it is sometimes hard to find a French course that suits your work and lifestyle, especially if you travel for work.  Our e-learning packages combine internet learning with supervision by one of our tutors and this can be designed in a way that works for you.


Online multi-media centre

We have an online multi-media centre which all of our students have access to during their course with Alpine French School.  This means they can learn French wherever and whenever they want as long as they have an internet connection.  We also have a multi-media centre in our school where students can come and use our computers if they don’t have access to a computer or the internet where they are living or staying.


Online French test

Alpine French School’s website features an online French test so that you can find out what level your French is.  You can either perform the test anonymously or ask us for some free feedback!  Another way to help you learn French.


French fluency calculator

Our website also features what we call a French fluency calculator.  If you are learning French, find out how long it will take you to become fluent!


Friendly French Scheme

One of our teachers came up with the idea of a scheme with local businesses that ensure they take the time to chat to our students and encourage them to learn French by speaking to them and helping them improve their conversational skills.  Read more about the Friendly French Scheme and the businesses that are part of it here.


French cultural and leisure activities

It is all well and good learning French in a classroom environment, but you really need to use your French out and about in different situations for it to really sink in.  Learn French while skiing, or why not learn French while mountain biking, or wine tasting?  We offer a range of French cultural activities, leisure activities and sporting activities to get you speaking French outside of the classroom.


Intensive courses focussing on speaking and listening skills

We now offer our intensive courses every week, all year-round!  A great way to learn French or give your French a boost whatever your level.  Do one week or 10 if time allows!  More info here or contact us.


Online tools

There are many useful online tools to help you learn French, here are just a few of the thousands to get your started…..

Word reference



FB pages such as “J’aime le français” with useful learning tips



Christmas in France – What to expect

Just like everywhere else in the world, Father Christmas (known as Père Noël or Papa Noël in France) brings gifts to children who have been well-behaved on Christmas Day. The sapin de Noël (Christmas tree) is the main decoration in homes, streets, shops, and offices. On le Réveillon (Christmas Eve),…

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Vous or Tu : Which one do I use?!

The subject pronouns Tu and Vous can be quite confusing for English speakers when they are first learning French, considering we only have one subject pronoun to mean you in English. However, once you get your head around how to use it, you will see it’s not as difficult as…

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PRONUNCIATION   There is nothing worse than knowing the right word but once you pronounce it, people don’t understand you !! So let’s have a look at a few pronunciation rules. Once you know how to pronounce the word, your brain identifies it very rapidly when it hears it, so by…

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VOUS or TU ??   How embarrassing not to know which one to use ? Is there a rule, how do the French know which one to use ?   You are speaking to an adult : If the person is a family member = TU If the person is not a family member…

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All courses available either in person or via Skype or Telephone.  Please contact us for more information

Vous recherchez des Cours d'Anglais? Cliquez-ici.