The main aim of our Intensive French courses is for students to improve their ability to communicate in French in a short period.

By taking an intensive French course, you will see a real improvement in your level of French very quickly which is extremely rewarding.

It is the perfect boost to start your language learning or to step up your level in a limited time period.

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Intensive French Course – What to Expect

  • Enjoy our great adventure sports activities in the summer!
  • Work on relevant vocabulary & pronunciation to increase your ability to express yourself in French
  • Available for all levels from Beginner to Advanced
  • 15h per week: 3h per day, 5 days each week
  • Enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter!
  • Learn through conversation
  • Small groups
  • Native French-speaker teachers

Are you looking for a summer or a winter course?

Take an Intensive French Course at Alpine French School and give your French a boost in a short space of time. Our Intensive French Courses are designed so that you learn through conversation. Nothing like being at school, our native-speaker teachers are carefully selected for their ability to bring the language to life, to inspire and encourage you – their students. We always hear laughter coming from the teaching rooms in our school when students are taking part in their Intensive French Course! Students leave at the end of their time with us feeling like they have achieved something; not only has their French improved but they have also built relationships with fellow students, teachers and other members of staff.

We are a small personalised school so each and every student is important to us! You are not just a number to us, we go out of our way to ensure that our students taking an Intensive French Course with us have an unforgettable experience and of course really improve their French. We speak to all of our students before they start their Intensive French Course with us to ensure that they are placed in a group that corresponds to their level of French. We have students of all different levels taking our Intensive French Courses from complete beginners to advanced French speakers. Our students come from all over the world and are of a variety of ages. They come with different backgrounds, experiences, life paths and this makes for an interesting learning experience!

Are you interested?

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