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5 reasons to learn French in 2019

It’s the start of a new year, the time when we all think about our futures and how to make the next year a good one. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something new and exciting with your life and we think we have the perfect idea for you. Why not learn a new language? Learn French with us this year and make 2019 count. Perhaps you live in France and just aren’t confident to speak the language yet, perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a second language or perhaps, simply, you’re looking for a challenge. Whatever it is, here are 5 reasons that we think learning French in 2019 is the perfect idea…


1: Learning a second language makes you more employable

Language skills are a very popular addition to any CV. If you decide to learn French this year, you’ll be even more desirable when going for that new job or promotion. Having such a useful skill makes you appear worldly, motivated and of course enthusiastic. All of these are invaluable qualities to employers. It also opens up a host of jobs to you that you might not have considered before. Perhaps if you get good enough, you could even apply for jobs where French is the first language. Think of the opportunities that could suddenly be within your reach!


2: Learning French will help you make new friends

There are several ways that deciding to learn French this year will open up your social circle and help you meet a host of new people. Our group courses bring people from all walks of life together and we often see new friendships forming as the classes progress. Similarly, if you live in France, having a better grasp of the language means you’ll be able to converse with people who live here and again further develop and improve friendships. You will also be able to speak to loads of new people with confidence, who knows where this fantastic new skill could take you!


3: Learning a language keeps your brain working

It’s proven that to keep the brain young, you need to keep it busy. It’s never too late to learn French and you’ll notice a marked improvement in your mind, memory and creativity if you give your brain a regular workout. Our classes are designed to suit all ages and abilities so are the perfect way to keep sharp. There’s nothing like a dose of French verbs to challenge even the brightest of brains.


4: It makes the world a smaller place

Learning another language makes our huge world a lot smaller. Did you know that 29 countries speak French as a first language? By deciding to learn French this year, you’re making a huge part of the world much more accessible to yourself. You’ll feel more confident to go and visit these places, you’ll feel able to talk to new people and make new friends, and you’ll understand a lot more about the culture and traditions of these countries if you can understand the language.


5: Funnily enough, it will actually Improve your mother tongue as well!

French isn’t the easiest of languages to learn but once you’ve got a grasp of the way it works, you’ll better understand why it is like it is. And alongside this, you’ll actually develop a better understanding of how other languages work, including your own. You’ll be forced to learn and understand about different tenses, grammatical requirements and spellings, all things we take for granted if we’ve spoken a specific language since we were born. It’ll make you reassess how you use your mother tongue and will help you correct old habits and mistakes that you’ve been making for as long as you can remember!


These are just 5 reasons that we think you should make a new year’s resolution to learn French this year. You won’t believe how much learning a new language will enrich your life. From making new friends to feeling more confident in yourself, and from keeping your brain active to opening up opportunities not available to you before, you won’t regret it.

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All courses available either in person or via Skype or Telephone.  Please contact us for more information

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