Our French Summer Camp in France has come to an end for Summer 2018 and we are already finalising our programme for 2019. We strive to improve our camp each year and we are already putting into place many changes based on the feedback we have received from our clients and our staff over the summer. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, so if you have contacted us with your feedback, then many thank you for taking the time to do so.


Changes for 2019….


Changes to activity programmes


  1. Adventure activities are now automatically included for all students aged 11yrs and above and for all residential students. We have slightly modified the activities on this programme, keeping the most successful and popular activities and replacing some of the others. Click on the links below to see a sample programme

Residential Camp with Adventure

Day Camp with Adventure


  1. Discovery & Creativity activities are now automatically included for all students aged 6-10 years. We have merged the horse-riding into this activity programme and we have changed to a different equestrian centre run by a local family with a great pedagogical approach to sharing their passion for horse-riding. We have also added tennis, archery, slackline, orienteering, handball and summer sledging! Click on the link below to see a sample programme:

Day Camp with Discovery


French Lessons Feedback and Reports


For 2019, in addition to the students’ personalised files including their classwork, we will be providing class reports for parents. Because the focus of our Summer Camp teaching is on communicative skills, students often don’t have huge amounts of written work as our aim is to get them speaking and communicating in French. Unfortunately this means that they have less physical ‘work’ to show their parents at the end of the camp and as all parents know, some children are better at telling their parents about their day than others (I know my daughter will give me a detailed account however my son will say he’s done nothing which I know isn’t the case!!)


Activity Reports

For 2019, we will also introduce activity reports by the way of daily photo diaries for each activity via our closed Facebook group which all parents are invited to join. Activities have always been reported via this group, however this will happen in a more structured and detailed way to ensure that reports cover all activities and all children.


Timing & Organisation of the French Summer Camp Day

As you will be able to see from our Activity Programmes above, we have moved the timing of the afternoon activities forward slightly in the day. We are governed by weather and water conditions for many of our activities and this will mean that we are able to have a smoother, less disruptive rhythm during the day. Private language lessons will take place late afternoon leaving time for all campers to eat together before heading off for their afternoon activities. The additional advantage is that younger campers will finish slightly earlier as the day is already long for them! And that the older campers will have some free-time in Morzine with their friends which is a very popular request from our 11-17 year old students!


Adult Intensive French Courses

We have changed the times of our Adult French Intensive Courses to the morning, meaning that families who all want to study French but spend time together in the afternoons are now able to do so. This is something that will make a big difference to some families! Adults and children all have the option of joining activities in the afternoons too!



Healthier snacks

The French culture is in many ways quite different to other nations, notably Great Britain in terms of their attitude to food and their pattern of eating. French people tend to eat well at mealtimes, snack less on the whole but they have a sugary afternoon snack called ‘goûter’. My children go to a French school where they have chocolate-brioche sandwiches, bread and nutella and other such sugary snacks mid-afternoon and for the French, this is completely normal. However over a week, they eat a balanced diet but they do probably include more sugary snacks than in countries such as Great Britain and this is something that has been brought to our attention this summer. We have discussed with our caterers and from 2019, our students will be provided with healthier snacks such as fruit, comptotes/fruit purées & brioche rolls especially for our younger campers.


Online Booking

We will also be introducing an automated online booking system for those who wish to be able to book online. However, our booking staff will always be on hand for parents wishing to book the ‘old-fashioned way’ or talk through any questions or concerns they may have!



Of course, the popular aspects of our French Summer Camp in France will remain the same but these tweaks should help to improve the camp experience for both students and parents alike 🙂