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Why take a French Intensive Course in a smaller school with small group sizes?

Our French Intensive Courses at Alpine French School run in small groups or 2-8 students with our average class size being 5 students. Many language schools place students in large classes of up to 20 students. So why are smaller groups best?


  1. We do everything we can to make sure the quality of teaching is as high as it possibly can be.


At Alpine French School, it has always been our ideology that we want students to progress in the best environment possible so we do everything we can to create this perfect learning environment. We carefully select our teachers who are qualified experienced native French speakers. But you can find this kind of statement in most language school advertising, so why are we different? Well, we try to find teachers who have a talent for adding a little something extra….our teachers know how to keep students interested, the lessons are very dynamic, varied and personal in the way they are taught. Alpine French School was set up by teachers, not businessmen and we will never offer courses that aren’t suitable for the students and aren’t of a great quality.


  1. Small class sizes


We are a small school, with small class sizes. What does this mean? Well, the teacher simply has more time to devote to his/her students and students aren’t lost in the anonymity of a larger group. Students can’t hide in the background and not participate in the lessons and this means that everyone in the group is an active part of the French Intensive Course and therefore everyone makes great progress.


  1. Personal attention to students


In a large school, students can feel lost and can get lost in the machine. Students taking a French Intensive Course at Alpine French School get a warm welcome and are greated by the same staff every day. They get to know us and we get to know them. Our students tell us time and time again that they feel well looked after by the reception staff and the teachers. Our teachers are able to monitor individual student progress and all of this personal attention means that students are placed in the right group, they are well looked after and any problems can be immediately spotted and resolved to make sure all of our students enjoy their time with us.


  1. Tailor-made lessons


Because our class sizes are small, we are able to adapt our courses to the students in the group. If we have a class of ski enthusiasts, then we’ll spend time talking about skiing not painting! Lessons progress at the pace of the students in the class and we ask for student feedback and ideas on the 2nd day of any French Intensive Course so that the teacher can immediately modify his/her programme to suit the students in the class.


  1. Interactive lessons


Because of the small group sizes in our French Intensive Courses, our teachers can easily make sure that all of the students in the class get the chance to speak. Students will participate in activities in pairs, in small groups and they will also work as a class. In a nutshell this means that you get lots of chances to talk and therefore lots of chances to practice and this is how you progress!


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