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How to immerse yourself into French culture effectively?

How to immerse yourself into French culture effectively?


Immersing into the culture of a country is key to fully mastering the language. However, this can be difficult when not exposed to it on a daily basis. Here are some useful ways to fully immerse yourself into French culture to aid your cultural understanding and your language ability.


Immersion through watching French TV and Film


French film awards.

The first way you can immerse, especially when you aren’t in France, is by watching French TV and Films. Not only does watching something in another language develop your listening skills, it also broadens your understanding of French culture. Some defining French films are a staple of the French culture such as Les Intouchables, Les 400 coups, or La Haine. These films are very different from one another, and Francophone cinema culture is very diverse, which means there is something for everybody! The French film festival, Le Festival de Cannes emphasises this importance in French culture, and it highlights the role that cinema plays in France, and also the role France plays in global cinema. There are also many series that you can watch, Lupin, Dix pour cent (called ‘Call my agent!’ in England), or Dans la Nuit, these are all available on Netflix and are all in French.

Depending on you French ability, it may be tricky to dive straight into watching shows in French. So, I recommend firstly watching with English sound and French subtitles, then move to French sound and English subtitles. This develops your reading ability and your listening ability, until finally you are able to watch with French sound and French subtitles. This not only helps you listening but anything you miss or misunderstand, you can read in French.


Immersion through listening to French Podcasts/Radio


Someone listens to French podcasts.

Another way to develop you French, is by listening to French radio and podcasts. This can be tricky depending on your ability and chosen podcast, but also because there are no subtitles to help you. For intermediate learners, choosing podcasts that are focused towards learning French can be incredibly useful. There are many ‘SlowFrench’ podcasts, some discuss news, some are stories and others are  conversational. These can help broaden your contextual understanding of the French language and of course better your listening skills.

Here is a blog of ours that is all about the best French podcasts.

Listening to the radio can be much harder, these are designed for native French speakers, so can be very difficult to understand at times. Radio France, is a useful app there is a wide variety of stations on there, and not all have music. I personally enjoy the history lessons (Le cours de l’histore) that take place every week day from 9:00 until 10:00 (French time), these cover all sorts of topics, but they are all linked to French culture in some way. These are difficult to listen to and often you have to rewind a little, but over time, as you listen more and more, your listening will improve.


Immersion through reading French Articles


Stacked French magazines.

Reading French is also essential, and reading news or magazine articles is also great for immersion into French culture. Each week you can have a French newspaper delivered no matter where you are. This provides fresh material that’s up to date and packed full of French culture and history, and if you are feeling particularly brave, you can attempt the crossword which is difficult for native speakers, so near impossible for those learning! However, it is still good to have a go at as the prompts and answers can lead you to learn more about French society.

Online websites such as Le Monde or Le Figaro, which also have mobile apps are great too. These allow you to read on the go and often a newspaper or magazine can be irritating to carry around.


Immersion through speaking French to others


Always make every effort to use your French. Connecting with people online is one way of using French, find a pen-pal and send messages or even call them. Often these people are French students trying to develop a language, so by conversing, they can teach you French, and you can teach them your language.

When travelling, especially in a French speaking country, try as much as possible to use your French. Often French people love it when you try to speak to them in their native language. Very often, French people have to speak English to tourists and so speaking their language can often have a positive result. It also benefits you as it improves your speaking ability.

Reach out to anyone you know who may speak another language and try to find someone who will allow you to practice with them. Most people know at least someone who can speak another language, so just ask and see!

However, the best way to develop your French in our opinion is through our intensive summer camps for French. You will be immersed in all of these aspects and surrounded with a supportive community and people of similar ability. You will not only go through lessons but activities outside of the classroom and, by the end of your time here, not only will you have thoroughly enjoyed your time, but your French ability will have seriously improved.



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All courses available either in person or via Skype or Telephone.  Please contact us for more information

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