We have a great team of French teachers for 2018……read on to find out more about them!


Céline (French Teacher)

Céline is from the north of France originally. She studied English at university and spent a year in the UK as part of her course. She loved England and English people and ended up living in Manchester for 15 years. She trained and taught French in Cheshire finising up being Head of French, before deciding to move back to France with her partner….but this time to the Alps! Céline teaches all ages and levels and wants to make a difference to each of her students to make them feel successful in their language learning endeavours.

Justine (French Teacher)

Justine is another teacher who originally grew up in the north of France before her family decided to move to Haute-Savoie. She became a French teacher because the French language was one of her passions along with art. She studied French language and literature at the University of Grenoble and realised she could become a French language teacher. After doing some volunteer teaching in Grenoble, Justine joined our team as a trainee and is now a fully qualified teacher. She does her utmost to make her lessons fun and accessible to give her students confidence to speak French in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


Lucile (French teacher)

Lucile loves travelling and is actually on a sabbatical travelling around South America until March when she will return to Morzine. It was through her travels that she decided to become a French teacher to share the richness of French language and culture with others. She loves it when she has worked hard and her students finally get it. She challenges herself to keep finding new ways to make learning easy and to give her students confidence.


Emilie (French Teacher)

Like Céline, Emilie trained as a teacher in the UK before moving back to France to the French Alps. Originally from La Réunion (a French island in the Indian Ocean), Emilie now lives just outside of Morzine and enjoys living in the Alps for its more relaxed pace of life and the great outdoors.