Last week was a special week for the ‘Alpine English’ part of Alpine French School.  We were asked by one of the local schools to organise an English Immersion week for the whole primary school (3-11 years).  Honoured to be asked and happy to contribute to the local community, we have spent the last few months organising and coordinating the programme.  Our amazing team of qualified and experienced English teachers, including some ex-UK primary school teachers taught the majority of the lessons with English (expat) parents taking the rest of the classes with a combination of lessons and activities with everything from cricket, drama, music and dance to a Scottish themed morning!

The pre-school (known as Maternelle) in France includes around 75 children from 3-5 years of age.  The aim for this part of the school was to expose them to as much English as possible through a variety of activities.  At the start of the week, the children seemed lost and unsure but we were delighted that by the end of the week, they were saying a lot of words in English and actively using the language 🙂

The primary school includes children from 6-11 years of age in 4 classes.  These children already study some English at school so we wanted to encourage and expand on this and create a renewed enthusiasm in learning English.  Thanks to the great and varied activities and lessons carefully designed by our teachers and the parents, the majority of children were very motivated and learned a huge amount about the English language and were using it in lessons and outside of the classroom in the various activities.

Parents also came to the school at lunchtime to introduce English while the children were eating lunch to keep up the English Immersion and to introduce some mealtime vocabulary.

We hope that all of the children will hopefully continue keeping up the good work to further progress their English and that the English Immersion week has created a new enthusiasm and understanding about learning English!