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Why learn French in a group?

Learning French in a group….

Some people think that learning French in a group environment won’t benefit them….however there are many benefits to learning French in a group.  Here are 5 reasons of why it’s good to learn French in a group!


A long-term process

Learning a language is a long-term thing.  You can’t expect to go from beginner to advanced in a few weeks so you have to enjoy the journey!  Things that keep the process interesting and varied have been shown to help you stay the distance.  So even if you usually prefer doing private lessons, taking a group course, an intensive course, phone or skype lessons can be a good way to mix things up a bit!  If you keep language learning fun, you are more likely to spend more time doing it and ultimately this is how you progress.


Different types of activities

In a group environment, you can work on different types of activities that are harder to recreate in a one to one lesson.  Having more people enables you to do different types of interactive activities, role-plays, conversational activities and much more.  It is important to vary the type of exercises and activities you do to challenge yourself in different ways and this is how you make the most progress.  Often group lessons focus on conversation and conversational activities and this is the part of language learning that people often struggle with the most.


Sociable and rewarding

Learning French as part of a group can be fun, sociable and rewarding.  If you are new to an area, taking a group French course means you will meet other people who are likely also to be new to the region.  You already have that in common and the fact that you are learning a language so this can lead to friendships developing.  You can relate to fellow students and encourage each other inside and outside of the classroom.  You could meet up to do your homework together, watch a French film at the cinema, programmes on Netflix, listen to French radio or try a French theatre production.


Learn from Different Experiences

Adults come with different language learning backgrounds so everyone brings different experience to the classroom.  Some students have great vocabulary, some are better at speaking, some know their grammar really well, some are better at reading and writing.  But we can all learn from our peers and from their strengths and weaknesses.  You can be inspired by the way a fellow student tackles a certain exercise or you can gain confidence from a student who is struggling with something that you can do well….and confidence is an important part of learning a language!


Gain confidence

Learning to speak out in front of a class of people takes more courage than speaking to one teacher who you become comfortable with!  If you always take lessons with the same teacher, you may feel comfortable in your lessons but when you speak French in the real world, then you are most certainly out of your comfort zone most of the time and this is how your brain learns best.  You need to be challenged and pushed to progress and group lessons can challenge your confidence and push you out of your comfort zone!



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All courses available either in person or via Skype or Telephone.  Please contact us for more information

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