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Surviving Game of Thrones in France

Everybody’s talking about Game of Thrones. And after watching season 8, episode 3 it’s no wonder! Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here. This is simply a guide to help you if you’re going to the pub this week and think you might get caught up in a discussion about the thrilling episode in French. We are here to help you with everything when it comes to speaking French, we provide intensive French lessons, private courses and a French summer camp for children. However we are also here to help you when it comes to the most important things in life… being able to hold a conversation about dragons, the night king and Winterfell. So here it is, your crash course on how to survive Game of Thrones in France:


Winter is coming – L’hiver arrive


The most famous catchphrase of Game of Thrones. This useful sentence comes into play throughout all 8 series of the incredible show. If you live in Morzine, it’s also pretty useful in everyday language! Also useful to know the difference between winter is coming and the more frequently used phrase in season 8, Winter has come – L’hiver est arrivé.


Mother of dragons – La mère des dragons


This particular phrase relates to the ever popular Daenerys Targaryen or Dani as she’s more fondly known in season 8. Mother to 3 pretty spectacular Dragons, being able to refer to her colloquially as La mère des dragons will help you hold a conversation, especially when talking about recent episodes.


You know nothing Jon Snow – Tu ne sais rien Jon Snow


This catchphrase takes us back a few series but it’s one of the most famous lines in the history of Game of Thrones. Important fact, Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow is actually married to the person who says this line in real life! Their romance blossomed on the set of the show.


The hound – Le Limier


An important character throughout the entire show, the Hound or Le Limier pops up all over the place. He has quite a bit to do in the current series too so you might find yourself mentioning his name quite a lot.


Beyond the wall – Au-delà du mur


Although we don’t hear this mentioned much in season 8, it’s still an important one. Revise this sentence and you’ll sound truly knowledgeable about GOT.


The white walkers – Les marcheurs blancs


Present throughout all 8 series of Game of Thrones, the white walkers are chillingly scary. Their name is a direct translation in French, similar to the red woman, La femme rouge. She’s very important throughout the whole series but the French version of her name is pretty easy to remember.


The wildlings/Free folk – Les sauvageons/Le peuple libre


We get quite a lot of entertainment from the wildlings throughout Game of Thrones and they play a vital part in some of the recent series. Free folk is also another way of translating the French version of their name.


The Night’s watch – La Garde de nuit


Dating back to the first episode and Jon Snows desperation to become part of the Night’s watch. Le Garde de nuit features throughout all 8 series so it’s a good one to understand in French.


That concludes your mini Game of Thrones intensive French lesson. You’ll be able to keep up with the best of them in the pub now.


Time for one last important one…


What do we say to the god of death? Not today – Que dit-on au Dieu de la Mort ? – Pas aujourd’hui.


Learn it. Live by it!


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