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French Summer Camp: the adventure activities

On our French Summer Camp, students come to improve their French but they also enjoy some great activities!  Read more in this blog about the different activities students can take part in on our French Summer Camp….

On our Adventure programme which is one of the options on our French Summer Camp, students take part in a range of activities which rotate over 2 weeks.


White Water Rafting

On the Dranse river which runs from Morzine to Thonon, our partner rafting company greets students, kits them out in wetsuits before giving them a safety briefing to explain about white-water rafting.  Then the students jump aboard a raft with a qualified guide and 7 other students from our French Summer Camp and head down the rapids for 45 minutes of adrenalin and fun!



Students start from a bridge at the top of the river on the Nyon slopes just above Morzine.  After abseiling into the canyon, students start making their way down the river, sliding and abseiling down waterfalls and jumping into waterfall plunge pools.  An afternoon filled with fun, excitement when emotions run high!



Students can take part in climbing run by our French mountain guides.  At a local climbing wall, our guides give a full safety briefing and explain how the climbing harnesses works. Students learn basic rope skills before working with partners and climbing on a local climbing walls with stunning views over the valley.


Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is similar to climbing, but there is a fixed rope along the cliff side allowing students on our French Summer Camp to climb higher and faster reaching the top with a real sense of achievement to look over the magnificent views from the top of the Via Ferrata routes.  Students are attached to the rope by a special climbing harness meaning that they are fully attached at all times.



Arc Tag is a strategic game where 2 games take each other on equipped with foam bows and arrows.  They can take temporary shelter behind inflatable objects to avoid being ‘hit’ by the other team.


Laser Game

Students form 2 teams with infrared ‘guns’ and play according to a scenario that is predetermined and explained to the students.  This makes for a thrilling activity where students have to use their brains, concentration, tactical skills, strategy and team work to beat the ‘enemy’.

This great range of activities provide a popular part of our French Summer Camp in France!


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