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10 reasons to improve your French in 2019

Perhaps you’re tempted to sign up to one of our French courses this year but need that extra push to take the plunge? There are loads of reasons that we believe improving your French is a no brainer and it’s taken us ages to whittle them down to just 10. Whether you think private lessons will get you to the next level, or whether you think an French intensive course is the way forward, we have something to suit everyone’s learning choices. But first…why bother in the first place?


1: Open the doors to the world


Over 275 million people around the world speak French and 29 countries list French as their first language. This is a lot of people to meet and a lot of places to visit. By speaking better French, you really are opening the doors to the world and making it a much smaller and more accessible place.


2: Improve your employability


By being able to list a second language on your CV you are immediately improving your employability and chances of standing out from the crowd. French is an international language and is seen as a real positive by employers in all the different sectors.


3: Make new friends


Whether you sign up to a French intensive course with us or regular weekly lessons, you’ll meet like minded people who all have one common goal in mind, to improve their French. This is one place you’ll make friends. However, once your French is better you’ll also be able to converse with a whole host of new people, meaning you’ve got the chance to speak to people you couldn’t before. Who knows who you might meet! The world really is your oyster.


4: French has big similarities to English


Although a technically difficult language to learn, French is actually one of the easier languages to get to grips with if you speak English. After all, 50% of the English language is derived from French. Although it’s hard to perfect spoken French, you can quickly get to a level where you can converse. You’ll feel like you’re achieving in no time!


5: Challenge yourself


Forget running a marathon or entering a triathlon, make learning French your biggest challenge of 2019. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you get your French to the next level will rival any sporting achievement. You might not get a medal when you cross the finish line but you’ll get much much more.


6: Help your children


Most children of secondary school age will learn French at one time or another. If you have a good understanding of the language you’ll be much more able to help them with their studies. This is especially useful if your child is due to sit a GCSE or A Level exam this year. If you understand more about the language, all of that tricky homework will make much more sense.


7: Stimulate your mind


Learning a language is a great way to give your mind a workout. This will help you in all other areas of your life, and make you feel rejuvenated and motivated. There’s no doubt that studying keeps your brain working and is proven to delay the ageing process. Learn French, stay young. Sounds like a good deal to us!


8: Helps in your learning of other languages


By learning a language you are training your brain to understand exactly how languages work. From the conjugation of verbs to the different tenses, it’s a great way to get a better understanding of how languages are formed. Not only will your French improve if you take lessons with us but so will your English!


9: Gain confidence


Knowing a little bit of a language is a completely different to being a competent and fluent speaker. By getting your French to the next level, your confidence will also grow. You’ll feel more able to chat freely and try new conversations. Your understanding will also increase, and you’ll generally feel much more able to use your new skill.


10: Have an adventure


Make 2019 a special year. If you improve your French why not book a trip to a country that speaks it and really put your language skills to the test. Learning a language is a huge adventure in itself but why not give yourself something to work towards in order to put it to the test. 2019 could be your most amazing year yet!


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