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Read about our French Family Camp which was featured in The Guardian’s travel section.  Amelia Gentleman (Guardian Travel Writer) visited Morzine for 2 weeks in summer 2017 with her family.  Her children attended our French Day Summer Camp while Amelia brushed up her own French with some French lessons in our adult school.
Read about her experience here….


In France, everyone is entitled to professional training and this is usually financed by a French training budget organisation who are funded by the contributions that companies pay to provide training for their employees.  These training budget organisations work with language schools such as Alpine French School in order to finance training courses.  Datadock was created in 2017 to audit training centres including language schools to ensure the training offered is of high quality. Alpine French School is approved by Datadock for professional language training

FAFIH Qualité

FAFIH is the organisation that finances professional training courses for the hotel and restaurant industry.  Alpine French School work with FAFIH to provide language training to employees in this sector in the Morzine area.  Following Datadock approval, FAFIH carry out their own quality checks on the training centres and language schools they work with.  Once approved by FAFIH, these centres are awarded the brand FAFIH Qualité.  Alpine French School is proud to have been awarded the FAFIH Qualité stamp.


BULATS is a Cambridge Language Test with a business focus.  Aimed at those working in business who wish to have proof of their language level in English, BULATS offers a test that is recognised worldwide which determines the level of the participant according to the Common European Framework.  BULATS tests comprise a listening and reading test that takes up to 90 minutes to complete.  The test is used as a certifying test for CPF-funded training courses in France.  Read more about the BULATS test here….. Alpine French School is a certified BULATS test centre.


BRIGHT LANGUAGE offers language tests for 11 languages including French and English.  For over 20 years, Bright Language has offered testing solutions in businesses around the world for recruitment purposes and also in the organisation of language training. These tests are recognised around the world and determine the level of the participant on the CECR scale.  The interface is available in 14 different languages and the tests are used in 80 countries.  Alpine French School is a certified BRIGHT test centre.

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