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Private French Lessons in Samoëns

Are you looking for a course focused on your own language needs at times that suit you? Private lessons are made for you.

Private French Lessons

  • Tailor-made lessons to fit your language needs
  • Choose between 45, 60 or 90 minute lessons
  • Flexible timings to suit you
  • Lessons which follow your own pace
  • Available throughout the year

How Does it Work?

  • Let us know your availability

    Tell us what days & times are more suitable and we'll create a lesson schedule based on this.
  • Tell us what you'd like to work on

    You may want to simply practise conversation, or work on your listening skills, maybe you need to talk on the phone a lot and would like to feel more confident - Whatever the need, we can help.
  • Tell us how many lessons you'd like

    Based on how much time you have, we'll figure out what to cover to help you reach your objectives.
  • Could you be elligible for a training budget?

    You may be able to finance your lessons thanks to a government training scheme if you work for a French company, or run your own French registered business, including micro/auto-entrepeneurs.

Course Information

Private lessons are a great way to progress in French. Lessons are planned according to your needs and objectives, they go at your own pace, and you get the teacher’s undivided attention! You can choose to focus your course on topics that you care about, language points that you want to understand and use better, and that may include vocabulary, idioms, grammar, or simply let our experienced teachers guide you…

Another advantage of private lessons is the schedule which again is built around you, so if you’re not able to attend class at a fixed time each week, that’s not a problem.

Finally you may be in the valley for only short periods at a time – that’s also ok. You can take lesson while you’re here more or less intensively, then try online lessons when you’re away if you like!

We assess our students’ level before each course. Save time by filling our online evaluation form

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