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Learn French Activity Holiday Courses

Morzine offers a wealth of activities, both summer & winter, which we combine with French language courses to offer you an exciting and rewarding holiday. Click on the activity of your choice to read more.....

French Intensive Courses
Learn French and Snowboarding - find knee deep powder in Morzine!
Hiking in Morzine- There's so much to explore
Learn French and skiing

Combine your love of the mountains and mountain activities with improving your French, come on a learn french activity holiday!


Learn French + Skiing

Learn French + Snowboarding

Learn French + Cross Country Skiing


Learn French + Other Winter Activities: book one of our French courses and add activities of your choice either in advance or when you arrive


Learn French + Mountain biking


Learn French + Road biking


Learn French + Climbing


Learn French + Hiking


Learn French + Paragliding


Learn French + Water Sports


Multi Activity: if it is your first time visiting the mountains and want to try some of the different activities on offer, then our multi-activity package is the perfect choice.

Learn French Activity Holiday Courses: our most popular formula

Standard French Intensive Course Choose your activity Range of accommodation available (shared apartments, host families, residences, hotels+

Choose any extras (lift pass, transfers, equipment hire, additional lessons)

You may choose any French course to combine with any activity but the Standard French Intensive Course allows students time to participate in their chosen activity on a daily basis.

Course DatesCourse Dates


My lessons with Alpine French School have really helped me to eliminate some of my entrenched errors despite speaking French for over 20 years and living in France for more than 10 years. The lessons are creative, engaging, interesting and effective. I've not only learned to refine grammar and increase the...
- Mary Kirkbride Read all Testimonials
L'ambiance dans l'école était très bien.  Nous avons parlé beaucoup pendant les cours et je n'ai pas de suggestion pour améliorer le stage!  Merci pour les 4 semaines à Morzine...
- Samira Machouk, Switzerland Read all Testimonials
C'était un super bon expérience, c'était très cool! Je voudrais bien rentrer ici.  Je suis un peu triste de...
- Hanna Frankenberger Read all Testimonials
I have had a lovely time at AFS.  Who knew that doing a 10 week French course could be so enjoyable?  The whole AFS team are so accommodating and will always do what is in their power to make your stay more enjoyable.  Being able to ski in the mornings...
- Luke Williams, England Read all Testimonials
The school was extremely professional in its approach to providing excellent teaching.  My expectations of the course were met and French language was used at all times so we were totally immersed.  The teaching materials were excellent, don't change...
- John Grauer, Australia Read all Testimonials

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