It is already June and parents around the world are finalising their plans for the fast approaching long summer holidays!  All parents want to find the right balance for their children of fun ways to spend the summer, give their children a much needed break from routine and to help them to enjoy some new experiences and make some new memories along the way….. Summer Camps are becoming a more and more popular way for children and teenagers in particular to spend a part of their summer break.


Alpine French School’s French Summer Camp in France attracts teenagers from around the world, some of whom have attended Summer Camps (French Summer Camps or other) previously and for others it is their first experience of this kind of adventure!  Our most common comment from parents in their first week is that they haven’t heard much from their son or daughter as they are too busy having fun with their new friends 🙂  We strive to make our French Summer Camp in France the best it can be for the children and teenagers who attend every summer.  The two main objectives of our French Summer Camp in France is for the students to improve their French and have fun! With a carefully planned combination of French lessons and great activities, Alpine French School’s French Summer Camp in France is designed to encourage students to gain a desire and an ability to communicate in French, to make them understand why it is worth putting the effort into their French classes at school.  As we know, motivation is an important factor especially with teenagers…..if they want to do something and are interested in it, then they usually excel!


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