In the French Alps it is the inter-season period, the time between the summer and winter seasons.  While everyone is sitting around waiting for the snow to arrive, many decide to spend their time wisely working on their French before the busy winter season!  If you are interested in improving your French this autumn, why not take a look at our French Intensive Courses which run throughout the month of November.


We will be running 3 Intensive Courses of different levels:

5th – 9th November: A2.3 Intermediate

12th – 16th November: B1+ Intermediate

19th – 23rd November: A1.3 Elementary


Courses run from 9h00-12h00 Monday to Friday.


Each level will focus on speaking and listening skills, the idea is to get you using your French in a conversational context and practising as much as possible in a ‘safe’ environment to give you the confidence to speak French in your day to day life.  Our teachers adapt their lessons to suit the objectives and interests of the participants in the group.  They are on hand to answer your questions about any aspect of the language.


Our French teachers are all native French speakers who are qualified and experienced teachers. They are truly interested in ensuring that our students make good progress and they invest time preparing lessons of the highest quality to help their groups evolve and learn as much as possible during their French Intensive Course.


Our courses run with small group sizes, with a maximum of 10 students but the average is 4-6 students.  This means that you will be involved in the lesson at all times, you won’t be able to sit at the back and slack off and rely on others to do the work!  Our lessons include individual, pair and group work so you will work on your French in lots of different ways with your fellow students.


If you would like to find out more or book your place, please email us on