French Intensive Course:

Monday to Friday 9h-11h, 10 hours per week, 190€ per week


Super Intensive Course:

Monday to Friday 9h-11h and 16h-18h, 20 hours per week, 350€ per week


Alpine French School is pleased to announce a new timetable for French Intensive Courses for this winter. We hope that our new timetable will enable more people to participate in our French Intensive Courses and improve their French during the winter season.


Our French Intensive Courses will run from 9h-11h Monday to Friday throughout the winter season from January to April. This will allow students to study French for 10 hours a week while also fitting in plenty of skiing, work or family life.



Parents: if you live in the local area you will be able to join our French Intensive Courses while your children are at school and be finished by 11h leaving you the rest of the day to work, ski or take care of anything else you need to get done! 10 hours is a significant amount of time to study each week so you will make good progress without it eating too much into your day.



Non skiers: you will be able to join our French Intensive Courses while your family or friends are off skiing. You will even finish in time to jump on a ski lift and meet up with them for lunch on the mountain. If you don’t fancy lunch up the mountain, you could do some shopping, try a different winter sport, go for a swim or a wintery walk, try one of Morzine’s spas or simply relax.


Visitors to Morzine: do you want to improve your French while getting plenty of time on the slopes. Spend a couple of hours in the morning studying French from 9h-11h and then head up on to the slopes for the rest of the day. Unless you want to take a Super Intensive French Course and head back to Alpine French School for an additional session from 16h-18h, then you can stay up on the ski slopes until last lifts before enjoying some après or heading back to your accommodation to relax and of course do your homework!


Our Super Intensive French Courses run from 16h-18h so if you are a seasonal worker, you can choose the timeslot that will best suit your work commitments so that you will have time to improve your French, ski or snowboard and work!


Contact us on for more information or to book your place!