Read on for information on all of our French courses running this Autumn. Please let me know which class would suit you best so I can make sure your space is reserved in good time.



10 weeks: 1h30 per week – week of 11th of September till 1st December (2 weeks off at October half-term)


If you are not sure of your level, have a look at the table below or send us your phone number if you want to be evaluated over the phone.


If you want to learn French at your own pace and around your working hours, but also have time to assimilate what you learn each week in your French course and to practice in-between, the weekly groups are perfect for you. You will learn grammar, but mainly improve your ability to hold a conversation, expand your vocab and develop your listening skills and self-confidence.

Lessons last 1h30 per week for 10 weeks and the course starts on the week of 11th September 2017.

The price is 275 set fee for the full course + 25 enrolment fee (enrolment fee is valid for 1 year)

If youre interested in this option, please let us know which level you would like to join (see our guide to the different levels below) 



INTENSIVE FRENCH COURSES (in November) – 15 hours in 1 week


These classes allow you to immerse yourself by learning new grammar and practicing it with maximum interaction in minimum time.  This is the perfect way to be surrounded with French for a whole week, a perfect way to give your French a real boost & see a real acceleration in your French.


Length: 15 hours over 10 weeks

Price: €275 per week* 

* plus €25 enrolment fee



If youre interested in this option, please let us know the following details so we can suggest the best options for you:

  • What is your level? (feel free to use our guide below)





Perfect if you want to tackle a particular topic or difficulty or design a programme according to your specific needs, level and objectives.


Dates: Available throughout the year

Length: You can choose between courses of 1h or 1h30 lessons.

Price: €60/hour or €90 for 1h30.


If you’re keen to have an intensive format but prefer private French lessons, you could opt for a private intensive course.

This means you do 1 hour a day from Monday-Friday and the cost is €300.


If you would prefer private classes, please let us know the following information:

  • The length of lessons wanted
  • The number of lessons you would like to take
  • Your 3 preferred slots (feel free to give us more information on your personal restrictions: days/times)
  • Dates when youre not available (holidays, family visits…) so we can take it into account for your schedule



How do I know my level?



You need to revise the basics such as introducing yourself, asking for things in shops but you also want to expand vocabulary, learn how to ask simple questions, use simple verbs in the present and say what you do on a regular basis .



You need to practise how to put your sentences together and ask questions. You need to learn how to use most verbs in the present in more elaborated sentences and expand vocabulary.

You need to feel more conficdent with daily chit-chat.


Elementary Plus

You need to learn to express yourself in the past pense and expand your vocabulary

You need to reinforce the use of current but complex present tense.

You need to understand and start using speciific french structures which are use to talk about your daily routine.


Lower intermediate

You want to speak in the future, in the past and present with confidence but you also need to learn more tenses as you struggle to say things such as ‘he was running when I saw him..’ ‘I was watching telly whilst they were playing’.. You want to start using simple pronouns such as: You give me, I speak to you, etc…



You are comfortable speaking in all tenses but want to practise being more precise when talking about your life and also practise the intricacies of French language and expressions.

High Intermediate

You want to reach the next level and familiarise yourself with complex french language.



Please let us know which option suits you best as soon as you can so we can reserve your space in good time.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you have a nice day! 🙂

Contact us on or 04 50 79 08 38